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From being at the top of her game to falling into the darkest of places in the mind, this searing part memoir, part practical guide can help you combat mental fatigue, work burnout, and demotivation to reclaim your life for good.

On the outside, Natasha Bowman was ticking all her career boxes. Acclaimed workplace expert? Check. Promoted to a highly-sought executive position at a top-tier mental health hospital? Check. Ending up in a mental health hospital, exhausted, broken, and hit with a crushing diagnosis: bipolar disorder? Double check.


Drawing from years of research and personal experience, Crazy A.F.: How To Go From Being Burned Out, Unmotivated, and Unhappy to Reclaiming Your Mental Health at Work tackles a vital yet often overlooked topic of the workplace: mental health. Here, Natasha shares her own stories of workplace fatigue and those of others she met on her way to healing. She doesn’t stop there, though. Her book also offers a simple-to-use guide for readers struggling with the stress of work, mental exhaustion, demotivation, and career burnout so they, too, can regain control and balance in their lives.


Powerful and enlightening, Crazy A.F.: How To Go From Being Burned Out, Unmotivated, and Unhappy to Reclaiming Your Mental Health at Work is an invaluable resource designed to give its readers back the reins over their own mental well-being for good.

Until organizations finally pull back the curtain on how environments are significantly contributing to the mental health crisis, there will continue to be millions of people around the world. who struggle with existing mental health conditions or will develop mental health conditions, leaving a story that ends similar to what I’ve shared in this chapter and will continue to share with you throughout the book. Until then, those with mental health conditions will remain unacknowledged, silenced, and broken.


Natasha Bowman, JD

Table of Content


Crazy & Frightened

Chapter 1: Real People, Real Lives

Chapter 2: A Quiet Place

Chapter 3: Crazy-Ish


Crazy & Fighting

Chapter 4: Psychological Warfare

Chapter 5: Fake It Til You Make It

Chapter 6: A Safe Place To Work

Crazy & Forging Aheadg Chapter 7: Dreaming The Impossible Dream Chapter 8: Fake It Til You Make It Chapter 9: A Safe Place To Work Chapter 10: Managing Burnout Chapter 11: Exiting harm

Crazy & Fighting

Chapter 12: In The Pursuit of Happiness

Chapter 13: Fearlessly Not Okay

Chapter 14: The Mental Health Continuum



Natasha Bowman, JD, is a recognized expert in workplace mental health and DEI, with nearly 20 years of experience transforming American workplaces from the inside out. As a LinkedIn Top Voice for Workplace Mental Health, a Top 30 Global Guru for Management, and a Top 200 Voice in leadership, Natasha has been recognized for her ability to diagnose workplace issues and provide proven solutions to organizations.

Natasha is the founder and CEO of The Natasha Bowman Consulting Group, formerly known as Performance ReNEW, a consulting firm specializing in workplace mental health, diversity, equity, and inclusion. She has worked with various organizations, including Google, Microsoft, and Forbes, to create engaging environments where employees are respected, genuine leaders are cultivated, and top performance is achieved. As an award-winning, modern-day pioneer of workplace equality, Natasha inspires organizations to create highly-engaged cultures where every employee is genuinely dignified and valued for their contribution.

Her reputation as an expert workplace consultant led her to speak at TEDx and international keynote engagements for organizations worldwide, including the HR Congress in Nice, France, New York Police Department, Harvard University, and Microsoft.

Natasha is a three-time best-selling published author and the co-founder of The Bowman Foundation for Workplace Equity and Mental Wellness. Her anticipated third book, CRAZY AF: How to go from being burned out, unmotivated & unhappy to reclaiming your mental health at work, was published in 2023. As an adjunct professor of human resources at Georgetown University, Fordham University, Manhattan College, and The Jack Welch Management Institute, Natasha brings a passionate intellectual commitment to the field of workplace mental health and DEI. Her expertise has been frequently quoted in national publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, Cosmopolitan Magazine, U.S. News and World Reports, The Wall Street Journal, and the LA Times.

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